Do you need to put your event online so that others can get to watch or listen? Or Is it your business event you want to put online during product launch or you want to have a virtual meeting. You can engage us to do exactly that for you or your organisation.

Your business needs to be online. You need to be out there interacting with your clients/customers or prospects. The world is a global village and we are all connected to each other. Your customers are all over the place. We can keep you connected and keep making your products and services known.

You don’t have the time to go get those things you need? You don’t need to leave your work or children or whatever you are doing to go get those packages or items. Engage us to run any errands for you. We are not far away. We are just a click or a call away. Call us now.

Do you need a virtual assistant that can help you perform tasks that need to be done while you are busy working on your key strengths? Or do you want them to do any of these tasks for you like: email management, setting up autoresponders (Aweber, Mailchimp), booking appointments with clients, following up with clients/customers (sending thank you and other reminder emails), file Management (organising files using Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), research on certain topics for blogposts, newsletters or others, transcription (transcribing voicemail, video or audio, podcasts etc.)

Are you concerned about how to get your voice out there where people can get to know you or your business? Podcasting can help you do that. There are various ways you can put out your business, or your expertise out there. Podcasting is one of them. You don’t have to sweat it trying to figure how it is done, we can do that perfectly. Just engage us. It is that simple.

Do you want to keep fit but you don’t know who to get as a fitness coach? We can help you get one. Just talk to us and we do that for you.


and many more…


Thinking of how to convey your goods and services? We take the burden off you by helping you  deliver or distribute them from one point to another, easily, without stress on you. Give us a call or send a mail.


Getting a staff for your school shouldn’t be difficult, or getting a home teacher for your child shouldn’t be a a headache for you. We have pool of qualified teachers for your school. And for parents in need of home tutors for your children call on us.

House Keeping

Don’t get exhausted, burnt-out, or worn-out because of house chores. We can take care of that while you are attending to other things. For your home cleaning and upkeep, you are in trusted and secured hands to help you handle all your home keeping.

Child Care

Do you need someone to be with your child while you are away shopping, at work or visiting, you can engage one of our Task Assistants. Do you need someone who can be an escort for your child to and fro school, you can engage us to do that for you. Whatever it is, reach out to us to help you out.

Event Planning Success

Do you need capable hands to take charge of your upcoming event that is taking your whole attention away from your work, family? Engage us now and let us free you from worrying about it.

Graphic Designs

Searching for someone who can design your flyers, logo, magazines, wedding cards, and so on beautifully? Contact us now to help you find the designer of your choice.


Get your business and personal websites or blogs done with us.


Get all your printables done without stress.

Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letters

You don’t need to stress yourself creating your CV or Cover Letter, engage us to help you with your CV and Cover Letter.

Mailchimp Set up

Do you desire to send out email newsletter or you want people to subscribe to your newsletter or ebook or you want to get your clients and customers emails when they come to your website or blog but you don’t have the time to set it up? We can do that for you. Call us now or send an email to us.

Facebook Advert and Marketing

Attract more customers and increase your sales using Facebook to promote your products and services. Contact us now to get your business or service noticed.

Radio Jingle and Advert

Get your radio jingles done. We have qualified persons that can get them done for you. Engage our Task Assistants.


It has been a tough week for you. Send us your shopping list, watch us efficiently get your items for you. Send us your shopping list, and watch us efficiently get your items for you.

Book Writing

Get your book written and published in record time. Make your dream of becoming an author a reality now. We can make it happen for you right about now.

Car Washing

Get your car washed and save yourself time . We provide car washing services at your home. Reach out to us.


Do you need a personal driver or you need a driver for your company? Get in touch with Task Assistance to help you get one.

Guidance and Counselling

Do you need guidance or counselling on matters of life, career, parenting, etc, you can contact Task Assistance to get a qualified person to work with you.


Get more time on your hands to do other things that you desire to do. Engage task assistants to help you do your laundry.

We are Task Assistants…We get your tasks done!

Call us now on +2347031998356 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Task Assistants is the name of an initiative under Career-Wise Consults. It is principally set up to work with those who need help with one thing or the other in the workplace, home, and online. This is aimed at providing temporary or permanent jobs for those who: ● just love to do tasks, ● are unemployed or, ● are underemployed. Task Assistants are a group of people who are registered with the parent body (Career-Wise Consults), to help render different services.
Anyone! But we have to do background checks on you and other important vetting, before you can become a Task Assistant
Once you visit our website or app (we are currently working on this), you can sign up to hire a task assistant (TA). After signing up by filling our form and sending us an email, we will get back to you via email or phone call or Whatsapp to confirm your need for a task assistant. When confirmed, we would discuss the payment terms. Once you agree to that, a task assistant(s) shall be sent to you to take on the task(s) you want us to take on. After the completion of the task(s), and payment is done (payment could be before task is executed or certain percentage paid or after task completed depending on our agreement), we would need your task review and your testimonial.
Truth is, your time is limited. You cannot accomplish all you want all by yourself. You need the help of others who can use their: ● time, ● skills, and ● effort. Task Assistants work with you to get your tasks accomplished in order for you to focus on more important things you choose to work on. Engaging Task Assistants helps you: ● get more done in less time, ● focus on your dream and life or business goals without stressing yourself, ● give more time to your family, and ● learn those things you need to learn without spreading yourself so thin.
A task assistant assigned to you can work with you as long as you want, provided you pay as when due and fill our retainership form.
We are national in outlook. We have representatives and our services in all states in Nigeria.
Once we assign a task assistant to work with you, we have a Task Assistants Supervisor that also goes around to make sure tasks are done to specification. If you are not satisfied with the task completed you can make a report of that to us via our online platform or via sms or phone call to our number 07031998356 or via our email
If you can't find the task you want us to perform on our website, please tell us about the task in your "Hire a Task Assistant" form you fill. We shall include it. Suggest any task you want added, please.
The price you pay for a task is dependent on the type of task. For some tasks listed on "Our Services" page, some prices there are monthly payment. Some are one time payment. Some are negotiable. And some prices would be dependent on the task-load when it is checked out by us.
We have different ways you can pay for our services. You can pay through: ● direct bank tranfer, ● our Paystack payment gateway, ● by hand. Whichever is convenient for you. Please note, there are some of our services that you can pay through barter.
You can reach us via our: ● phone number: +2347031998356. ● email: ● "Talk to Us" form on our website. ● various contact points in Nigeria that we shall be rolling out soon.