11 Productive Things You Can Do at Any Event You Attend

31 August 2020 0 By admin

In February 2020, I participated in the Social Media Week Lagos (#SMWLagos) that held for one week.

While there, this idea (11 productive things to do at any event came to my mind). I asked myself, “What are the productive things I can engage myself in while at an event?”

I came up with eleven things anyone or myself can do while at any event.

And as we are gradually returning to physical events after the COVID-19 global pandemic, below are eleven things you can do to maximise the benefits of attending any event.

1. Connect

One of the best ways to derive value from any event is to make sure you network and connect with fellow participants.

There are people you will meet at events that would be the bridge to your next level or the connection to another connection.

Always make sure you connect with fellow participants.

How do you do this?

• Be a contributor – make sure during sessions, you contribute when responses are asked for.

When it is time for questions and suggestions, be one of those who will rise up to ask questions or respond.

Why? That’s one way to show the stuff you have – it shows your intelligence.

It also make you visible.

It is also make you valuable.

People like to connect with people who are intelligent, visible and valuable.

• Have your elevator pitch ready – have your personal introduction ready at all times. When you introduce yourself, others should be willing to connect with you. Your introduction or elevator pitch should tell people you are the person they need.

• Have a gift with you – most times what people give out, at events, are complimentary (business) cards. That’s traditional. That’s conventional.

To stand out, get small gifts you can give out at events. Small tokens. Some times, sweet (candies) or gum can do the trick. Other times, books you authored can serve as a gift.

You can also think of other items. They could be branded or not. But, always have a gift ready no matter how small.

2. Learn

That is obvious, right? That’s the primary reason for attending events.

Be open to new learnings. New perspectives. New orientation. New people. New ideas.

Be transformed.

3. Serve

You can also decide to serve as volunteer at events you attend.

Prior to the event proper, you can email or call the event planner and tell them you want to volunteer. Be sure of the role you want to play. As you tell them you want to volunteer, also tell them where you can be most useful.

If the event is one week, you can decide to serve for three days and use the other days to be a full participant. Just make sure you serve and also learn while serving.

4. Sell

A practical example is this: if you are a published author attending an event, you should have some of your books with you for give aways, and some, importantly, for sale.

The idea is that, have your products with you. There would be occasions where you might have to make a sale pitch to someone.

Another way around this, is, you can reach out to the organiser to be a part sponsor or supporter. And let the organiser know that you have some products for display at the event.

You can also register as an exhibitor if the organiser provides an exhibition stand.

5. Adopt and adapt

One of the things I love doing at events is looking out for ideas that I can implement in whatever I do.

And you should also do same. I watch out for ideas I can adopt and adapt to what I do.

If you are looking for solution to certain issue in your business or career, events are where you can also get solutions.

It is cheaper than paying a consultant. I didn’t say you should pay a consultant.

6. Give

Be a ready to be a giver at any event you attend. Givers are influencers. When you give, you create force field of influence.

When you give consistently, you become an influencer.

Giving is a relationship builder.

You can give ideas, things, your time, attention, gifts, advice, counsel, ebooks, resources, and so on.

When you meet people at events, give any one of the above.

7. Think/Reflect

Don’t get carried away by the hustle and bustle of the event, make out time to think and reflect on your learnings there.

Create time for your reflection during the event, during break, and immediately after the event to reflect.

See how all you have learned matches up to the result you crave for in your life, career and business.

8. Rove and Roam

Don’t be static. Please, rove and roam around and about the event centre.

Roaming around is also a way to see things and also meet people, maybe, those who didn’t attended the sessions you participated in or those you haven’t met during the event.

You also get to pick up new ideas as you rove and roam.

9. Document

Write. Video record. Audio record. Create ‘”Lessons-learned” ebook.

Whatever way you can document the proceedings at the event, do.

Documentation helps you to create reference. And it can also be a means where people can access what happened at the event.

Again, use this opportunity to record your podcast and create videos for your YouTube channel.

Let other participants or the resource persons become your guests. Most of them would oblige you as guests for your podcast or YouTube channel.

10. Invite

If you have a forthcoming event too, this is a good opportunity to source for resource persons and invitees.

Extend invitation to participants. Some won’t mind coming over to your event provided it is in their area of interest.

11. Seek Partnership

Events are good ground for seeking partners for whatever you do.

Events bring different types of people together, and most times, there could be people there who would believe your business idea as something they can support.

You might even have your pitch deck handed on your tab or mobile device if a quick presentation has to be done. Or that could be emailed later.

Truth is, some people actually found their business partners at events.

There you have it – 11 things you can do while attending any event.

What else do you think can be added to this list?

Which ones from this list do you often do at events?

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