4 Types of Stories That Would Change Your Business or Your Brand

29 August 2020 0 By admin

Businesses and brands are not isolated entities. They live among people. And people tell stories about what they hate or what they like.

Since they tell stories about what they hate or like, others who listen to them also pick the vibe and share the same story among their FFC (friends, followers, and customers).

Basically, your business or brand is shaped by the story that goes around about your business or brand.

If that story is not good enough, it would eventually affect how people patronise you, and in the end affect your income (and if care is not taken), it can spell the doom for your business or brand.

So, what are the stories?

1. The Story You Tell Yourself

Whatever story that is found in the mill starts from you.

How do you see your business? What inspired your business or brand? Are they clear to you? Do you often tell yourself those stories?

Do they motivate you? Do they keep you going? Do they help you to focus on the big picture?

Your business or brand is a product of what happened in your life. There is an inspiration behind your business or brand. That story, must be told to yourself everyday. That’s one of the things that keeps you going. That’s your momentum pill. That’s your vision enabler. That’s your dashboard.

Find the story behind your startup, your idea, your brand, your business and keep telling yourself that story.

Apple has a story.

Microsoft has a story.

Amazon has a story.

Every big brand you see today has a story they tell themselves.

That story has kept them going. You can’t be any different.

2. The Story You Tell Your Followers and Customers

If you don’t have a story, you can’t tell a story.

But, every business or brand has a story. Why you think you don’t have a story is because you haven’t told yourself those stories. You haven’t taken notice of all that happened or inspired your business or brand.

Again, you haven’t taken note of the stories that show up everyday in your business or brand. Stories are happening everyday in your business.

For instance when you help a customer or client get an outcome or result, that is a story that could be shared.

When you move from a small sized building to a big space, that’s your story. You can share it.

When you bid for a contract and you eventually get it, that’s your story. Share it.

When you introduce a new product, that’s your story. Share how the inspiration for the idea came about.

You forecasted where your brand or business would be in 2030, that’s your story. Share it.

When you faced a challenge in product creation or in any area of your business or brand, that’s your story. Share it for your customers to learn the lessons.

Tell the story of how you got your first customer or client.

There are so many stories you can share with your followers, and customers.

These stories make them to feel, they know you, they like you and they trust you.

3. The Story Your Followers and Customers Tell You

Your followers and customers want to share stories with you. They want to tell you how your brand or business has turned their lives, businesses, and careers around. You need to provide that atmosphere and the avenue[s] for them to share those stories with you.

Let them give you feedback on how your brand has helped them. Let them become your friends so that it can be easy for them to share those stories with you.

You need these stories from them. These stories would become the testimonials you can use in your marketing campaign. You need their stories.

4. The Story Your Followers and Customers Tell Their Friends, Followers, and Customers

Lastly, your followers and customers have friends, followers, and customers they are always in contact with everyday.

They take stories they hear from you, mix them with their own stories of you and share with them.

If I may ask you, do you know the stories they are sharing about you to their FFC? Do you know? Are they stories you have shared or are they badly concocted stories? You need to know.

Stories they tell their FFC can damage your business or make it.

You can imagine this yourself, when you are with your friends, what do you do? Of course, you share stories about different things, different people, different products, different brands and businesses. That’s exactly what they do about your own brand or business.

So, if you have shared good stories about your business or brand with them on your blog, your social media handles, your marketing campaigns, etc, and you have allowed them to share their own stories about your brand or business with you, you wouldn’t be in the dark about the kind of stories they tell their FFC.

Conclusively, what goes around comes around (whether good or bad). So are stories.

Tell the story of your brand or business. And help your followers and customers tell good stories about you.

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