5 Content Creation Resource That You Can Use for Yourself or Your Business

21 August 2020 0 By admin

One of our clients recently while consulting with her said, “Where do you and the people who create content gets all these knowledge from?”

I paused and said, “Everything is your resource, whether you are speaking or writing.”

“What exactly do you mean?” She asked.

“Everything that you see, hear, read, smell, touch, think, happened are things you can use to create content for your business, brand, product or for yourself.” I explained.

Here are 5 ways through which you can generate or create content for yourself or for your business:

1. Talk about what you see

As you move from your home to your workplace or your business place, take note of what you see everyday. They are resources for your content creation.

Same with what you see on the media, whether traditional media or new media.

2. Talk about what you think

That’s your perspective. Everyday, ideas come to your mind regarding what you see, read, and heard. As you reflect on them, you develop your own perspectives about them. These perspectives are things you share with us as content.

But make sure your perspective is an angle that will make us think more, or provide a solution, or push the knowledge frontier, or help us to value what we do more.

If your perspective is divisive, generates hatred or stirs up negative feeling and emotion, it would be bad for your business.

3. Talk about what you are creating or working on or have worked on

Another way you create content is writing about projects you are working on or have worked on. You can give us snippets about the project, but not all the details.

4. Talk about what you have done for your clients or customers

This is a good one. It is more like a testimonial for what you do. It is a credibility builder for you.

There are cases where you can’t mention your client’s name especially if you have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). There are cases you can ask your clients or customers for permission to use their names in the article or post you want to do. If given permission, go ahead and use their names.

There are cases you don’t mention names, but you can say, “Recently, working with one of our clients….”

5. Talk about your milestones

This is also a good one. This helps your followers and prospective clients see where you are coming from and how you are going about your business. This is also a credibility builder. A perfect example of this is SABI WRITERS lead by CHINONSO OGBOGU.

I have followed this company consistently and I see how they share their milestones.

I trust that if you practice these five steps highlighted here, you will be able to create your content easily.

What else would you add as a resource for content creation?

Share, please.

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