5 Creative Strategies To Reduce Stress At Work

10 September 2020 0 By Msoouter Kaase

Did you know that being exposed to frequent stress decreases your immune system? Yes, stress shouldn’t be toyed with. Establishing when you’re going overboard with your daily activities should be of major concern to you. Many don’t know when to take the time to cool off steam until they break down.

It is true that we exist in a very difficult economic times. Demands from your boss, and your clients can be overwhelming. Not to mention the so many deadlines you have to meet up with. Even the demands of your family can make your world come crashing.

Stress doesn’t care what point of the career ladder you belong to. Being the CEO of a billion dollar company, or even an entry level employee doesn’t make you immune from stress.

Happy and energized employees will have a greater output than grumpy and tired workers. It is your duty as a team leader to maintain your team members at optimal levels. Mind you, taking a break from stress should be practised daily. There are also situations where you don’t need second thoughts but to give yourself a break. Here are some signs that tell you when to give a break. They are:

• When a problem is difficult to solve: a task has proven too difficult to accomplish. The blurred lines make it all the more challenging to see the finish line. It is time now to let everyone unplug. Unplug from the brain-frying task and engage in mental uplifting activities.

• When everyone is losing focus: when your team members are no longer paying attention to details, it is now time to unwind.

• When everyone has been working nonstop: the deadline for completion of a project is fast approaching, and every member of the team has been stretched for long hours, giving a break would be the best thing to do.

A leader should always look out for the well-being of his or her employees. A balance should be created between work and relaxation in the workspace.
Below are 5 creative strategies to reduce stress at work.

Stressed out
  • Listen to calming music: good music calms the nerves in stressful situations. Selecting sounds that best suit the work environment shouldn’t be difficult to find. A spot should be created for employees to relax during break and enjoy the calming effect of music
  • Munch on chocolate: dark chocolate in moderate quantity has been known to reduce stress and anxiety. Spread some love by ensuring that your team members feel the power of a brain relaxing chocolate.
  • Give sincere compliments: the atmosphere is tense. Everyone has a target to meet up with. The least an employee is expecting is negative comments filtering into his/her ears. Offer words of encouragement to your team members, and appreciate their efforts. Say nice things about what they wear and be honest about it.
  • Pay attention to your team members: be attentive to the plight of your team members. With this attitude, you can pick up cues that aren’t so obvious. Attentive leaders make teams happy.

Are you self employed? These strategies will be of big help to you too. Harmful stress should be minimized at all cost. Your body needs time to relax and regain lost energy.

What other strategies have you adopted to combat stress in the workplace?

Msoouter Kaase
Author: Msoouter Kaase

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