5 Simple Ways to Get Ready for Your Future

22 November 2020 0 By admin

We always talk about the future as the shining object that we all seek.

And we always imagined the future to be ‘a bright’ and not a blight future.

But I have come to know that whether bright or blight future, the making most times, (if not all times), lies with you and I.

Here are 5 ways you can make your future bright.

1. Get into your head and heart first.

Start from there. It must start from the inside. What do you really want out of life? That’s the question to ask yourself first. Let me repeat it in a personalised way, “What do I really want out of life?”

2. “Who are the people who have achieved what I really want out of life?”

Life has provided you with examples, role models, prospective mentors and guides. Study them. Learn from them. Become their apprentice. Become their students. Buy their books. Register for their courses. Train under them. Etc.

3. Become a praxist.

Nothing happens without action. Action produces results. Action means momentum. Action differentiates. What are the steps you’re going to take now to make your future a reality? There is something you can do just right about now. Yes, now, now to move your life forward. Do you need to call someone? Do you need to create that post? Do you need to sign up for that course? Do you need to type that message for the email to go out? Go ahead and do just that. That alone can change the trajectory of your life.

4. Document.

Yes, for so many people, writing down their thoughts, experience, libes can be so tedious and not any thing near fun. You can walk through life without documenting your thoughts and experiences, however if you do, it is a leverage for you and a reference points for you. I don’t have time here to dive into it’s benefits.

5. Show and ship.

As you start out, towards your future, you will constantly need to show us what you know and create. You will have to ship it to the world. Get them out to the media. Let people know how good you are. Demo your skills, your knowledge, your crafts, your creations. What you show and ship is what show you to the world and ships you into your future.

I believe these five points would get you ready for your future. Just map out what you really want out of life, then, look for role models and examples you can learn from. Having done those two, move on to becoming someone who practises what he learns. As you are learning, make sure you documents things you are learning. Finally, make sure you show the world what you are learning and creating. If we don’t know you have it, we won’t call you to do it.

Have a great future.

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