7 Types of People In the Workplace That You Need to Watch Out For

15 August 2020 0 By admin

We all desire people who could understand our heart beats, and empathize with us.

But in the workplace where everyone is fighting hard to be ahead of you or become the boss’ favorite, you find it hard to see people whom you can confide in or share your deep thoughts with. At the same time, there are also people who become so loyal to you and can do anything to help you grow.

So, how do you identify these ones? In this write up, I have attempted to help you define them.

1. THE ‘GOSSIP MILL’ – These ones are known within the organization as the people who spread gossips and rumors. Some of them are even bold about that. They have the latest information on everyone and about the organization. They can also smear people’s image and reputation. Most times they can blow facts and information out of proportion.

2. THE ‘HALLWAY WHISPERERS’ – You see them hanging around the hallway talking about any colleague that passes. Most times it can be during break or when they meet around the hallway. They quickly share what is happening to anyone in the organization or who is up to what. As quickly as they grouped, the quickly disappear from the hallway before they are seen.

3. THE ‘DAREDEVILS’ – These ones are out to take anyone down if you dare cross their paths or you seem to be the ‘moralist’ of the organization. Don’t just cross their paths, you cross them, they bring you down with whatever means.

4. THE ‘BETRAYERS’ – These ones put up a loyal and friendly front before you, always. However, when they are away from you, they give vital information about you to people who despise and hate you. You can also call these informants and vipers.

5. THE ‘I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU’ – These ones don’t care whatever you do. They are not concerned about you. It is either they are focused on their own work or they are focused on their own self. They come and go without paying attention to anybody. “It is up to you what you do with your life”, that is their mantra.

6. THE ‘I ALWAYS WATCH YOUR BACK’ – These ones are people, who no matter what, watch out for your good. They can’t be anywhere and hear people talk about you badly without standing up for you. These set of people want to help you grow. If they find an information you need, they will bring the information to you. They always speak well of you behind your back.

7. THE ‘WE GROW TOGETHER’ – They are personal development buffs. They are always out to see how they can help other people grow as they also grow. They want to always carry everyone along. If they hear of any professional course that they need to take or sign up for, they also inform you so that both of you can sign up together.

You need to watch out for all these kinds of people in the workplace. Some of them most times, seem to be your assistants but they are working to bring you down or smear you. And of course, there are also the good ones who are out to help you grow. Your responsibility is to identify them.

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