At What Age Should You Stop Dancing?

4 August 2020 0 By admin

Is there a criteria that one must stop dancing at a particular age?

Returning back to Jos from Lagos, my ear piece was on and I was dancing with my legs when this thought dropped.

I realised that most of us stopped dancing once we got to a certain age bracket or had acquired a prestigious social status.

Some stop dancing when they have accumulated certain amount of wealth (money).

It seems it boils down to,

“I’m too old to be dancing anyhow.”

“I’m too dignified to dance in public or dance sef.”

“With this my status, how can I be dancing like that?”

“I’m too educated to dance like all these people.”

And for some really, shyness is the culprit.

But really, should we stop dancing at any age?

Some can’t even dance before their family for the fun of it.

It is demeaning, they think.

But is dancing demeaning?

Yes, I hear you, “It depends on that type of dance.” That’s what you have just said.

Do you agree to that?

The question for me is just,

“Should you stop dancing at all?”

What say you?

Besides being a fun social activity, dancing can reduce stress, tension, anxiety, and even depression.

It increases your confidence in social and business situations, and sharpens your control, agility, speed, and balance.

Keep dancing joo!

Have a great day.

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