How to Fight Back The Post Covid-19 Era’s Stress

9 August 2020 0 By Msoouter Kaase

If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.

George Burns

This isn’t the best of times for low and middle income earners. Changes in the work environment, loss of jobs, increased cost of living, and so many uncertainties all fitted in one year has pushed many to the wall.

The mad rush out there gets scarier with each passing day. Opportunities are seized in mid air by members of the public. People are putting in extra effort to make few bucks.

Amid the high levels of stress, is it possible to avoid them? It’s an emphatic NO!

Can stress be managed? YES! Where there is a problem, a “fix it”, is by the corner. There are coping skills that you can develop to fight stress. Take note, there are tons of ways you can manage stress and I’ll be adding mine to the list.

Here are my top 3 stress busters:
• Become a small garden owner: According to, gardening takes our minds away from the many life pressures we deal with. When stressed, you need to have access to the beauty of nature. You want to elevate your mood? Then grab your garden trowel and get it done.

• Listen to good audios: After a stressful day, I wouldn’t expect my earplugs to blast meaningless or sorrowful sounds into my head. I make use of the mobile app “White Noise” to clear the stress from my head. The app provides me with calming natural sounds of which “thunderstorm” is my favourite. I use it when lose focus while. Fill your head with sounds that would boost your productivity. Listen to words that gives you reasons to fight on.

• Keep a pet or have a small livestock farm:
Pets are a great non-human companion to have around. Your dog, cat or whichever animal fits into your preference as a pet will save you from a lot of troubles. According to, having a pet has numerous benefits on your mood and mental health. So if point one and two don’t fit into your lifestyle, I am sure you won’t skip this last point.

Don’t allow stress deprive you from maximising your full potential. Find time to relax, so that you do not break down. Manage stress and become more productive. The post Covid-19 era needs those who are mentally and physical stable to get the world up and running.

What other ways can you employ to manage stress? Leave your replies in the comment section.

Msoouter Kaase
Author: Msoouter Kaase

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