WhatsApp is the second most used messaging App

How to Secure Your WhatsApp Successfully in 60 Seconds

17 August 2020 0 By Msoouter Kaase

Hackers have no regard if you have a billion dollar corporation or you’re an unemployed graduate. From stealing millions to impersonating people, hackers know what they want, and will do anything to have it.

Businesses are hiring cyber security experts to boost their firewalls. Tech companies are designing mobile devices with enhanced security. This is strong evidence that the threat posed by hackers isn’t to be toyed with. So why should you neglect your mobile’s security?

It is obvious that you shuttle between WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

According to mediakix.com, WhatsApp is the second most used messaging app in the world.

Interestingly, 70 percent of WhatsApp users, make use of Facebook’s Messenger regularly.

With over 55 billion messages sent daily using WhatsApp, many of those messages may just be a hacker’s trap to get your details.

Resist the urge to say “you don’t care.” Take your WhatsApp security as a top priority.

As simple as the app looks, many have been made to lose their valuables unknowingly.


Why Should You Secure Your WhatsApp Account?

Prevention has always been favoured over cure. Don’t wait till hackers pay you a visit. Secure your WhatsApp account in order to provide you with extra armour of protection.


How Can You Secure Your WhatsApp Account?

Enhance your WhatsApp security using two-step verification

Secure your WhatsApp

Few months ago, a friend told me to secure my account using the “two step verification” process. At first I refused to oblige. But reading about what hackers had done to many on WhatsApp, I didn’t need any more pep talk.

Below are the steps I took to protect my account.

• At the top right hand corner of your whatsapp, click on the three horizontal dots.

• Click on your settings. This would provide you with a drop down menu. Click on “Account.”

• Another drop down menu appears. Click on “Two-step verification.”

• Click on “Enable” and choose any secret 6 digits of your choice. Avoid using your birthday dates, wedding anniversary, or any special date in your personal life.


Conclusion: Save yourself the pain or embarrassment of explaining yourself when hackers use your account to do damage.

Be vigilant about the types of WhatsApp groups you belong to. Avoid clicking on suspicious links and be very careful of disclosing personal details online.

Msoouter Kaase
Author: Msoouter Kaase

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