Take A Walk – How to Become Mentally Alert

4 August 2020 0 By admin

This is 6:41am.


As I am writing this now, I’m taking a walk.

I stopped to write this down for you.

Walking for me eases any tension I might have had over the night or a day before.

Walking for me is like a breather.

Walking for me, is like taking a stroll with myself.

It helps me to reflect.

Walking helps me talk to myself.

Walking helps me think.

Walking helps me get new ideas. And so on.

I enjoy taking a walk early in the morning.

I also listen to podcast or messages when I am taking a walk.

Sometime too, I pray as I take a walk.

Above all, it gives me mental alertness for the day.

Taking a walk is a habit for me.

I love taking a walk.

Try it.

If you can’t do it early morning, or do it in the evening.

But early morning is advisable.

I wish you all the best today.

Good morning.

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