The Main problem Of Dry Air On Our Health And How To Overcome Them.

21 November 2020 0 By Msoouter Kaase

It’s that time of the year when the rain sheaths its sword. The weather becomes colder, irritating and dry. Trees and shrubs no longer have the lush green characterised with the rainy days.

For those who do outdoor laundry, you must truly appreciate this season. Laundered cloths spread on the line get dried in record time. Inasmuch as we need air to exist, dry air may just be the death reaper we dread.

What Is Dry Air Made Of?

Arid land

When we say dry air, we are talking about air lacking moisture content. Now, humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air. Dry air doesn’t have adequate humidity suitable for comfort.

Meteorologists look at the composition of dry air from two view points. They are;

• Air which has a low relative humidity below 40 percent is said to be dry.
• When a theoretical sample of air has no water vapour, it is said to be dry.

Take note that air in the atmosphere will still have traces of water vapour. So in reality, air in the atmosphere can not be absolutely dry.
The composition of dry air puts nitrogen at 78.09%, oxygen at 20.9%, argon at 0.93%, carbon dioxide at 0.04% with other gases occurring in smaller amounts. The moisture content in dry air varies because it is dependent on temperature.

Is Dry Or Humid Air Better For Health?

The proper indoor humidity level is 40-60%. This is regarded as being healthy and comfortable for man. Viruses such as influenza tend to thrive in dry environment.

Also, when the humidity indoors remains at a constant level of 80%, a perfect environment for mold growth would have been created. When the room remains too dry of let’s say below 35% moisture content, dust will fill up the air.

It is important to know that too much or too little humidity will result in serious health challenges. Even our furniture, and electronic gadgets will be greatly impacted. For this reason, some homes have installed vaporizers or humidifiers to regulate the moisture content in the air around their living space.

Dry Air Symptoms

If you have been paying attention to yourself, you must have noticed by now that a lot of difficulties arise during the dry months. And if you come from where I am from, the dry months can be a nasty experience for the unprepared. Below are problems attached majorly with dry air.

1. Dry and irritated nose

Dry air can be so unpleasant for a lot of people. Those managing asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments don’t find this period funny. Dry air aggravates their condition to unbearable levels. Since our nose does majorly all the breathing, dry air makes breathing painful. It can be likened to having your nasal passage set on fire. In others, they will experience nose bleeding.

2. Patchy and dry skin

Dry air puts the skin to the test. Due to low moisture content in the air, your skin will begin to dry out. Your lips will crack open, letting out blood. You will experience itchy scaly and tight skins.

3. You become electro-man

When air becomes too dry, there will be a build up of static electricity. This means that when you come in contact with people, clothes, blankets and metal surfaces, you will receive painful electric shock. This isn’t common during humid days.

4. Damage to your home and furniture

Dry air is like a vampire in horror stories draining out the life blood of its victims. Dry air sucks out all the moisture content wherever lifeblood. Walls will experienced racking, wooden furniture, will bend and crack.

How Do You Stop Dry Air?

1. In your home, you can stop dry air from operating by;

• Making use of humidifiers or vaporisers to moisten the air.

The air around you needs to be healthily moist for your comfort.

• Placing water in bowls in different locations in your home, to moisten the air.

2. Make use of moisturises or body would for your skin. Find the best fit for your body.

Keep your skin in great condition with skin moisturizers

3. Always keep your lip balm handy to wet your lips. Avoid licking your lips as it only worsens the condition.

Dry lips make you look sick

4. If you experience nasal congestion, take along with you any ointment of your choice to provide you quick relief.

5. Put on a nose mask to protect your nose from the harshness of dry air when you are outdoors.

You are at risk of having respiratory diseases without a nose mask

6. Make use of sun shades to prevent the blast of dry air from affecting your eyes when you are outdoors.

7. Put on long-sleeved cloths to protect your skin from dry air when outdoors.

Maintaining a clean and dust free home during the dry months can get you exhausted. There is so much on your to-do list begging for your attention. You can’t continue to ignore your living space forever. Contact Task Assistants now to help you with your housekeeping. Let’s help you save your time as you engage in other productive activities.

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