TWICE AS TALL: 9 Things You Can Do to Level Up in Your Career Or Business

18 August 2020 0 By admin
We all wants to level up, that is, take up what we do to higher height, but that won’t happen unless we take the necessary steps to level up.

“I remember when I couldn’t level up

No, my money couldn’t level up

Doing what I must, seems like there’s always another level up

That’s why you always found me looking up…”

Some lines from Burna Boy Level Up.
If you are a fan of music especially afro pop, well, your mind may likely go to Burnaboy as you saw that headline. You are partially right, and you are partially wrong.
Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu popularly known as Burnaboy, on Friday released his latest 15 tracks music album titled TWICE AS TALL.
Truly, his album title inspired this. But, what I am looking at is career inclined.
To stand twice as tall in your career, you can do the following:

1.       Collaborate

You can’t go it all alone; you can’t do it all alone. Collaborating with others in your industry is a must for you to level up.
Look for people who are doing great in your industry and collaborate with them.

2.       Engage the experts

You need the experts. Take for instance, you need to publish your book, truth is, you can’t get it out by doing the graphics design, the book layout, doing the marketing, putting on Amazon, etc. You need people who have excelled in doing these things to help you level up.
Burna Boy, speaking to the New York Times, revealed that “Twice As Tall”  houses 15 tracks featuring international acts such as Sauti Sol, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Naughty by Nature, and Youssou N’Dour. With production credits to Sean Combs a.k.a. Diddy, Anderson Paak and Timbaland.

3.       Get endorsements, credits and testimonials

Endorsements from top rated experts or superiors in your fields and other fields speak volume for you.
Endorsement creates buy in for you and whatever you do.
According to the New York Times,
“Burna Boy’s Afro-fusion is omnivorous and supremely catchy. Its beats are often programmed, but their stops and starts evade expectations. Instruments, sampled or hand-played, bounce against the rhythms or deftly dodge them, while his voice — which can be as staccato as a rapper or as cottony as a crooner — glides easily across and atop everything else.”

4.       Don’t settle for less

 Don’t settle. Don’t settle. Don’t settle.
You can’t be satisfied with where you are right now professionally, you have to up your game.
Burnay Boy got nominated for Grammy last year with his last album, African Giant. Right now, he came out with Twice As Tall that is the talk of the whole world.
He doesn’t want to settle for less.

5.       Be extra good at what you do

 From the reviews I have read so far from influencers in music industry, and other fields, they acclaim is that Burna Boy works twice as wide too just as he is working to be twice as tall.
Be extra good with all that you do. It will speak for you

6.       Be on a mission, pursue a cause

Let why you do what you do cross the pecuniary discussion and motive.
Let it be for a cause – a mission beyond you. Let it be for humanity. Let it be for the progress of your profession. Let it be for the voiceless.
Hear him, “basically continuing the mission I started, which is building a bridge that leads every Black person in the world to come together, and to make you understand that without you having a home base, you can’t be as strong as you are.”

7.       Use the media

 Media is a powerful force that you must harness to see your mission through. You need the media as an ally in your field. That’s how you get read, heard, seen, and talked about.
Without media, you won’t go far.
Google Twice As Tall, you will find him on international and local (social) media.
No matter how gooood you are, words must be put out there about you and what you do.

“With his latest album, Twice As Tall, released last week, Burna Boy has outgrown his title of ‘African Giant’ and is taking on the world. But home will always be where his heart is. Now, he’s asking his listeners to find out where their own hearts truly belong…” – from the popular GQ magazine


8.       Alternate

Alternate. Fuse. Mix. Match.
I have found that to be really successful, you need to alternate, fuse, mix and match your industry knowledge with other available knowledge.
You need to have intercourse with other knowledge available to produce something extraordinary or different from the usual.
That way, you don’t come out stale and overused.

9. Use Task Assistants

Hire people who can do tasks that will free you up to level up.
If you are mired in doing everything, truth be told, you can’t level up.
Hire task assistants. That way they free you to focus solely on what you do best.
Check out the graphic design of the album cover, that’s the work of one task assistant Burna Boy hired t help him.

Photo credit: PM News

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