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21 September 2020 0 By Msoouter Kaase

Satisfied customers will return, and they will likely return with their friends. This can’t be a reality if you have made a poor impression for your business.

Creating a friendly environment for building good relationships with your customers should be a cardinal goal.

Bad customer care can come in the form of a service provider barking down at a client to wearing a barren face like the Sahara desert. It can be in the form of not taking, and acting on customer feedback.

Whatever bad customer care experience you’ve had, the aftermath isn’t heartwarming. This is always the same for most clients. The feeling of being undervalued takes over the customer. The customer will leave you in search  of a place where he/she is valued.

When the disappointment of your customer isn’t properly addressed, be prepared to witness a decline in your revenue.

Perhaps, this doesn’t tickle you.

“What could losing just a customer cost me?

This may be the question ringing in your head. Not to worry sunshine, prepare for some mind shifting tonight.

What Does Good Customer Care Mean?

Make no mistake, this isn’t an article on how to answer interview questions. But, my perfect resume gives an explicit definition of what good customer service looks like.

“Good customer service typically means providing timely, attentive, upbeat service to a customer, and making sure their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on the company or business.”

These means that, as a business, you place a premium on customers time, and your attitude is pleasing. And to take it a step further, you are always providing knowledgeable and timely resources for your customers.

How Do You Develop Good Customer Care?

As we’ve clearly established from the beginning of this article, a happy customer will only return if you’ve created the environment for good relationships to be built.

This is the key you need. Let’s go in-depth on what you need to do, to have a good customer care.

1. Build Good Customer Relationships: this can be achieved when you;

• Wear a smile. You aren’t in the war front. Don’t scare your customers away. While smiling, greet and welcome customers with warmth. I bet you expect to be treated same.

• Don’t keep customers in the dark. Expose them to the value that they stand to gain for doing business with you. Most businesses make the blunder of sidelining the benefits they have to offer, and focus more on what they stand to gain from their customers. Doing so, will make you pushy and you may lose your customer.

• Empathize with customers. Don’t think your customers know all about your product or service. When they have difficulty accessing a service or maximizing the use of a product, show them that you understand what they’re experiencing,  and kindly put them through.

• Be of value. In truth, that’s all the world cares about. Be a master in your industry. Be the “go to” person.

2. Educate Your Employees: for a good customer service to be effective in an organization, everyone from top to bottom, MUST speak the same language. Train your staff to have good communication, leadership and sales skills. You don’t want a situation where  as the boss, only you has good customer care skills, while your employees are without any of these skills.

3. Be A Listener: don’t be in a hurry to wave a customer’s feedback away. It is an opportunity to learn something new. Don’t miss out.

4. Know Your Product: what the heck is wrong with you? You have a product or service which you can’t give a vivid lecture on? If you want to win customers confidence, then you have to know your product. Get to know your products better, and exude that confidence that makes everyone happy.

What Are The Impacts Of Good Customer Service? published a survey about the importance of customer service. They presented the feedbacks of respondents who had experienced good and also bad customer care services.

According to the survey, almost 25% of respondents lasted for two years with a business that treated them well.

In contrast, about 40% stayed away from a business that didn’t provide acceptable service. This survey advices against messing with customers that are high income earners.

It was reported that 80% of high-income earners will stay far from a business that didn’t deliver. Generation X were also said to follow in the steps of the high-income earners.

95% of respondents will tell about a bad customer service experience to others, while 87% would share about a good customer to others.

If you are able to get your customer service right, these are some of the benefits you stand to achieve.

• Customers will come back for more.

• It will boost your company’s reputation.

• It will serve as your competitive advantage. It doesn’t matter if you’re a roadside vendor or a sales manager. The goal is to fill your customer’s needs in a satisfying manner.

Never underestimate the power of “word-of-mouth-marketing.” Your customers may just be the link to that million dollar deal you’ve been hoping for.

Msoouter Kaase
Author: Msoouter Kaase

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